Turn your tough transition into a positive transformation.

You’re a high-responsibility individual feeling surprisingly confused and depleted after crisis, loss or other disruptive major life change.

Just when you’re at your most vulnerable–feeling disoriented and lost–you face pressure to make big decisions that can impact your future, long-term. What a pivotal time!

You deserve the support, stability and clarity you need, so you can navigate well now and make the confident, values-rooted choices will that bloom into a bright future.

Radical change can be hard to digest. But handled skillfully, you’ll survive AND also recognize the deeper opportunity embedded in this singular moment. One you can embrace to realize powerfully-positive change.

The Vital Revival Approach to high-level personal coaching has been specially-designed to help you get the comprehensive support that’s crucial to you now, and uncover a spectrum of natural resources you can rely on to see clearly and choose wisely–now and always.

Niika Quistgard, VRS
Founder, Vital Revival Institute

It seemed all was lost. (In many ways, it was.)
What a complicated disaster! I felt traumatized, yet the demands kept coming, and I was so alone.
How could I overcome and move forward?

Revival discovery and training for designers, creators, healers, leaders and teachers.

Niika Quistgard’s  ‘Vital Revival Approach’ –

A proven system for reviving
and forging forward with stability,
clarity and fulfillment–now–
and whenever the future requires…

When it comes to finding balance and direction
after life disruption in today’s world,
what worked in the past is NOT working anymore.

The Vital Revival Approach is about
giving your mind a break,
allowing Nature to pave and pace your way forward,
and enlivening your whole Human Technology–
your 5 senses, visceral memory and innate creativity–

so you can ditch depleting “quick fix” coping efforts,
re-set your foundation, heal dryness of spirit,
and completely revitalize yourself and your life
after misfortune, mistake–or radical life transition–
has changed everything.

“Where One STUMBLES,

there lies the treasure.”

UNLOCK Your Complete Revival

TAKE Nature’s Support…

to EASE off Stress

 and ESTABLISH a Subtle Stability

You can Always RELY on.