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“Niika’s words go straight to my heart while the practical information she delivers always seems to open my eyes and wash my confusion away.”


“Very soulful writing emerging from her personal life experiences. Truly inspiring.”


“I really appreciate these insights. Thank you for this sharing space.”


Get intimate with the basics of Ayurveda- the knowledge of life!

BASICS OF BALANCE takes you Offline and into Life! Discover Nature’s qualities in yourself and the world around you. When you can see through Ayurvedic eyes, you can meet your unique needs, and help others, too!

If you’ve been wondering what the question “What’s My Dosha?” really means- this course is for you!

In 4 exciting lessons and live sessions with Niika, you’ll learn to recognize the qualities of Ayurveda’s forces of Nature- in yourself, in others, and in the world around you, wherever you go.

This is THE foundational course for gaining a “gut-level” understanding of the basics of Ayurveda, so you can see yourself and life through Ayurvedic eyes- forever more!

BASICS OF BALANCE LIVE will illuminate your understanding of yourself and your unique qualities.

BASICS OF BALANCE LIVE will also prepare you well- with the knowledge born of your own personal experience- for further study of Ayurveda, in any specialty you choose.

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“Niika gets straight to the heart of the matter. She packed in practical information, opened my eyes and eliminated my confusion.”

Carolyn Geiger

Spinning Instructor

“I’d studied Ayurveda with many teachers, but it didn’t resonate with me–in my body–until I worked with Niika. Her insight, care, and translation is powerful. My work with her continues to inform my practice and my teaching.”

Jillian Pransky

International Presenter

“I wasn’t sure what to expect,
but understanding myself in the light of Ayurveda made a profound impact in my daily life.

I learned how to take accountability for myself and for my health.

My symptoms have diminished quite a bit,
but the best part is that my self-esteem is ten times better than it was.”

Amy Orrell-Branco

Mother • Yoga Teacher • Assistant Program Director

“Niika’s teaching is fun and experiential – SO important when learning something potentially complex, like Ayurveda.”
Jennifer Berrocal

“Ayurveda is an ancient science with thousands of years of practical application. But I think we need it even more NOW, than we would have in the past!”
Chris G.