ABOUT Vital Revival Institute

Chaos, Crisis, Disaster, Failure, Tough Transitions aren’t “the end,” but a critical and vulnerable moment which–when handled well–can open to a bright, positively-powerful future.

Things fall apart. People fall apart, too. Is this bad?
It’s certainly disruptive, and can be enormously uncomfortable and depleting.
Yet times of increased entropy (disorder) are a natural part of life. While chaos or uncertainty may not be what we expected at any given time, Nature provides a clear path and process for navigating even traumatic change well and discovering real potential for a vital new cycle, a fresh start.

You can get more comfortable with uncomfortable change, and learn how to seize the opportunities all change brings. We’re here for…

High-Responsibility Individuals after disruptive life change: We offer help assessing your needs in the midst of change and Personal Programs to support turning your tough transition into a life-affirming transformation.

Designers, Creators, Leaders and Teachers who want to effect positive change in dynamic times. We offer Courses guiding your discovery of sensory therapeutics and the value of transformative timing so your actions can bring greater positive impact, more revival.

The VRI DROP – signifies water, nectar, plasma essence, of the milk of human kindness, and of sap and is connected to our desire to experience and be fulfilled through living.

Also the ancient idea of ojas. The qualities inherent in this liquid drop sustain and promote life and water the seeds that ignite new life, too.

Traumatic events, big changes–even betrayals, disappointments, and failures–can wear us down or dim our hopes, leading to bitterness and a dryness of spirit. This dryness can further weaken our bonds of a inter-connection to ourselves, our people and our place, resulting in breakdown, fragmentation, helplessness and disorientation. 

A single drop of this life-giving liquid can start the flow in us again, ‘whetting the appetite,’ awakening desire, hope and sense of belonging, so we can find ourselves in life’s flow to move forward ,enjoyably, with the great life system we are all–always–part of.