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Turn an unhappy ending into a beautiful new beginning.

Are you lost in transition?
Need to renew and fully heal from major life change or loss?

There’s a simple approach that gives you a big advantage: Take the pressure off your mind and lean into Nature’s support for total revival.

Confusion, guilt and shame are understandable, but can deplete you and keep you uncomfortably stuck after traumatic life events. These draining, negative emotions can quickly transform once you embrace this efficient, powerful regenerative process.

You were designed by Nature to move forward with natural resilience. We’ll help you lay a new foundation for living, replenish your energy and ignite fresh desire, so your life will flow from your peace, values, creativity and joy–instead of losing your future to anger, bitterness or fear.

YOU SURVIVED the worst.
But now the fallout’s costing you your…










YOU SURVIVED the unthinkable.
But now the fallout’s
costing you your…









“Making wholeness heals the maker.”

–Christopher Alexander

Hello, I’m Niika Quistgard

While we haven’t met yet, I might understand some important things about you…

You’re an accomplished, smart woman–and you’ve successfully survived the unthinkable. But in spite of all you’re capable of, you’re not able to feel your own power or lead with genuine confidence, right now.

People say you’ll “bounce back,” “figure it out” or “rise above.” You’re not so sure, though, exactly how–and you could use a break from scrambling to get it together.

You “keep your game face on” for everyone who counts on you, while inside you’re struggling with self-doubt, guilt, anxious thoughts, sadness, frustration or trepidation. Tears fall when you’re all alone.

You’re resourceful, but haven’t found what you need. You’ve reached out to therapists, friends and others for support. They care and are intrigued by the drama of your story, but haven’t been able to guide you forward.

You’re postponing decisions. You know good choices are important now, but you can’t see which way you really want –or need–to go, so your next chapter is a good one.

You’ve done loads of things to get past this–time off, travel, self-help books, online searches, workshops, retreats, support groups, self-care stints and more–but you still feel like you’re living in your head, while life’s passing you by.

You secretly fear you’ll never thrive in new ways, and truly enjoy your next chapter in life.

If any of this sounds like you, I want you to know:
You’re not alone and there is a better way.

When it comes to finding your balance and direction after major life disruption in today’s world, the old mind-stressing methods don’t work anymore.

The Vital Revival Approach is about giving your mind a break after a “life quake” has changed everything, and do this instead of stressing and spinning your wheels:

🌱 Ditch disappointing “quick fix” coping efforts that leave you drained and defeated, instead of peaceful, energized and empowered

🌱 Soften your heart and heal dryness of spirit, so you can be loving and real with yourself and your close ones

🌱 Re-set your foundation–your ultimate security–for a deep stability you’ll always rely on

🌱 Engage what we call your “Human Technology”–your sensory experiences, memories and creativity–to replenish your sense of self and inform your choices

🌱 Look to Nature’s ways to pave your path, and pace your progress

🌱 Discover what truly nourishes you now, and will sustain you over the long term


🌿 Design your future around your real needs
and what you care about most

WITHOUT falling into self-defeating patterns, despair–
or wasting another day.

You’re NOT defined by what happened.

You ARE who you choose to become.

“I never expected to have a hard time with my transition into this chapter. But instead of moving forward, I was looking back, re-living all the different traumas I’ve been through. I was so stuck and unhappy.

This process showed me once and for all that my health and happiness can’t be preserved by holding on to who I used to be. I finally discovered the open door to my future, and went through! I’m moving forward in new and rewarding ways now.

Everything in me has profoundly shifted, and I attribute it all to these insights and skills, your guidance. Niika, thank you!”

– Joanna L.