‘The end’ is NOT the end of the story.

YOU influence what happens next…
We envision living in a world where…

Change–even when it comes through sudden, unexpected, unpleasant events–is ultimately (eventually) understood as opportunity.

The after-effects of loss, failure, and other disasters aren’t downplayed, ignored, wished away or stigmatized, but are accepted–embraced as normal and periodic–so we engage in revival easily and skillfully to restore ourselves, others and our world with pride, joy and the promise of a more fulfilling future.

Healing and revival are built into our lives, relationships, communities, organizations and places.

The intelligence, wisdom, humility and creativity revival inspires and requires are recognized, respected, admired, sought after–and celebrated!


The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.”

–Joanna Macy

We trust in the powers of…

Positive Self-Regard
When you show yourself compassion, warmth, curiosity–and perhaps a little humor 😊–internal pressure eases, no matter what’s on your mind. Approach yourself with kindness and there’s less “static” and resistance, more peace and clarity. With confidence in your unique qualities and abilities, you can recognize your deepest needs and heartfelt desires, and understand where you are in your revival process. This is a healthy starting point for all good things to come.

Human Connection
Ideas are good. “Me time” is essential. But you were never designed to live in your head, or do this all alone. To heal and create a fantastic future, you need to see and be seen, bless and be blessed in good company. Your biology requires the right stimulation, including interactions with others that uplift, validate and inspire. The synergy and momentum we generate together can’t happen on your own. Confidence takes root, clarity blooms and energy rises when two or more gather. Let’s get together!

Nature’s Example
Our source, our sustenance, our living home–Nature’s our teacher, too. Once you recognize Nature’s revival cycle, you’ll see it everywhere and can count on it for ever-present support, always. Fear and anxiety melt away, your innate strengths rise, and your connection with life gets sweet and strong. This is the foundation for mastering positive change.

Respectful Equality
Our needs as humans–living beings–are basically universal. But each of us brings different and valuable perspectives, skills and resources to make a better whole. For these reasons and more, we hold each other in mutual respect. We share. We listen. We feel. We learn. We go forward positively transformed.

Open Clarity
‘Open Clarity’ is Niika’s term for personal certainty born of direct observation, while also staying open to further discovery. When you know how to observe with Open Clarity, your dynamic wisdom can bring the best out of any situation and give you a lifetime of creative resilience.

Courageous Choices
Remember the sharp awareness that dawned on you in the midst of crisis? How–at least for a moment–you realized how precious your time here is? How your true priorities surged crystal-clear into your mind’s eye? All you’ve been through has changed you, purified you, tempered you. You’ll never be satisfied just “bouncing back,” or settling for anything like the old status quo.

When you recognize change as an opportunity to re-orient and invest in what really matters, you’ll forge your future with genuine courage–true heart–and never regret the life you didn’t live, or the positive impact you didn’t make.