When Life Changes Course,

YOUR journey continues…

We guide and inspire smart, accomplished women beyond periods of uncertainty and change–into bright new beginnings.


Disruptive life events do NOT have to overwhelm you for a long period, leaving you feeling damaged, drained or lost.

Instead of feeling crushed by symptoms of PTSD, once you’re safe, this kind of pivotal moment can invite you to re-consider priorities, learn how to live more effortlessly and actually be strengthened enlivened by what research confirms is post-traumatic GROWTH.

Our Nature-inspired approach provides intuitive frameworks and powerful tools to help you embrace your vulnerability, trust your inner guidance and fully explore the opportunity that even unwanted change brings.

By re-connecting to Nature–and your own true nature– through awareness training, sensory therapeutics, touchstone practices, gentle movement and insight-provoking inquiry–you’ll soon be revitalized and ready to take steps in the direction of your newly-clarified dreams.

The Vital Revival Process


was designed by Niika Quistgard to restore your stability,
replenish your vitality, re-ignite your creativity
and uncover your heartfelt passions.

Don’t let trauma, loss, misfortune, mistake–
(ANY kind of impactful, negative, life-altering experience)
wipe you out.
You can STEP FORWARD into a better you, and a better life.
And as a result of your positive transformation, surely a better WORLD, too!


➢ uncover new potential

➢ grow in wonderful, unexpected ways

➢ create a deeply fulfilling new life you love–
rich with meaning, self-expression and joy.


Instead of…
…wasting more time and precious energy endlessly working on your mind, when your mind is not the best means to replenish you…

…delaying decisions, waiting and hoping for the confidence to imagine your future, when you’re a smart, accomplished women who doesn’t deserve to be drained by doubt…

…and putting more pressure on yourself, when you’re worn out already…

What if You Could…

➢  Heal completely–WHILE enjoying every day and creating a new life you LOVE?

➢  Receive the right personal support and gentle training in a safe, caring and wise environment?

Q: How much more quickly and enjoyably could you fully revive, replenish your spirit and RISE to live into your brilliant future?


New life from seeds of change. ™