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Traumatic events don’t bring an end to your story.

YOU influence what happens next…


When everything’s changed after the unthinkable,
it’s natural to feel lost, depleted, disoriented–hopeless, too–
even after the shock subsides.

Most crisis, trauma and grief work focus on a few limited steps–
coming to terms with things and dealing with the past
to try to help you feel a bit better. So you can “bounce back.”

But is “bouncing back” enough?
Is it REALLY all you need and want for yourself?
For your future?’

The truth is: You can’t go back. You’ve got to move forwar
And you can have MUCH BETTER than a “bounce back,” my friend!

This pivotal time is NOT just about overcoming loss.
It’s also about a rare opportunity


➢ uncover new potential

➢ grow in wonderful, unexpected ways

➢ create a deeply fulfilling new life you love–
rich with meaning, self-expression and joy.


Instead of…
…wasting more time and precious energy endlessly working on your mind, when your mind is not the best means to replenish you…

…delaying decisions, waiting and hoping for the confidence to imagine your future, when you’re a smart, accomplished women who doesn’t deserve to be drained by doubt…

…and putting more pressure on yourself, when you’re worn out already…

What if You Could…

➢  Heal completely WHILE enjoying your life all through the process?

➢  Receive the right personal support and gentle training in a safe, caring and wise environment?

Q: How much more quickly and enjoyably could you fully revive, replenish your spirit and RISE to live into your brilliant future?


Vital Revival Institute is dedicated to the realization of great possibility after loss.

Founded by Niika Quistgard

Through her work with women from all over the world, and her own experiences of devastating loss and adversity, Niika Quistgard discovered how to get past the common traps
so prevalent after hard life changes.

The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.”

–Joanna Macy
deep ecologist

When the after-effects of loss, failure, and other disasters
are downplayed, minimized, ignored, wished away, pathologized, hyper-dramatized or stigmatized,
a stagnant or misdirected low-vitality state can last for months, years.
Yes, even the rest of a lifetime.

But when loss by any cause is accepted–
embraced as normal in the course of life–
a space for healing opens up right away.
You can heal WHILE you enjoy moving forward.