Ayurveda Recipe: Watermelon Drink

What’s more refreshing than watermelon on a scorching day?

In Ayurveda, watermelon is considered a very cooling food, refrigerated or not. Watermelon is more than 90% water, and is a blood and urinary cooler, literally rinsing away heat and inflammation.

Watermelon is a celebratory fruit, perfect for summer gatherings. Who can resist that big round shape, party pink flesh, and those slices of green and white rind that seem to smile at everyone?But please! Unless you’re taking a rather long pause between the last two courses of your summertime meal – never, never serve watermelon for desert!

Here’s an easy Ayurvedic rule of digestion you can always remember:

Melons Party Alone.

Melon is easily digested when it’s the only guest to your tummy party. Add other foods to the mix though, and you’ll end up with a gassy, burpy uneasy queasiness that signals the formation of ama in your digestive tract. Ama is that Ayurvedic toxic byproduct of improper digestion that lies at the root of so many health issues. You don’t want that!

Protect your freedom from disease and distress and ensure your digestive happiness –

Let your melons party alone! •  Eat melon on its own at least 30 minutes prior to any other food. •  Eat melon at least 90 minutes after any other food.

Thinking about changing your party plans?

Instead of serving watermelon for dessert after a picnic or BBQ, just move the end of your meal to the beginning! Serving melon as a welcoming treat is a great way to get your party rolling, and your digestion rolling just right, too.

Whether there’s just one in your party (that’s you!), or a whole boatload of folks is going to join you, try kicking off your fun with this welcoming sweet drink I created to give the best watermelon has to offer on a hot day.

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Watermelon is considered calming to the kapha and pitta doshas, and a little aggravating to vata because of it’s astringent and diuretic qualities. But with the addition of a touch of salt and some spices, Watermelon Kick-Off is a balanced drink that should be great for everyone!


4-5 cups (1 litre) fresh watermelon chunks (about 1/4 of a medium round watermelon)

2 cups (.5 litre) ice 1/2 teaspoon pink Himalayan sea salt

1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder

1/4 teaspoon coriander powder

7 – 10 leaves fresh mint or basil if available feeling daring? you can also add… a pinch of ginger powder a pinch of turmeric powder



1 – Place all ingredient in a large blender. (A VitaMix blender is great for this!)

2– Blend well until smooth and frothy on top- about 20 seconds.

3 – Pour into a pitcher, garnish with mint and serve right away. This recipe for Watermelon Kick-Off  serves 6.

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