Taste Is Healing – Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ever find yourself fascinated with a new nutrition craze, or become fixated on the personality of a diet book author, thinking, ‘This is it! I’ve found my dietary calling!’

Your excitement grows, and you envision yourself living on avocados, purple grapes and chicken skin long into your nineties, imbued with confidence, spiritual power and perfect energy, all your health and life struggles behind you! You apply yourself with fierce dedication to the plan and get some interesting results. Soon enough, though, the excitement wears off, and you find yourself wondering: ‘Is this the right approach for me?’

There’s a GLUT of diet and health information out there, and honestly, a lot of people selling programs. How can you possibly know for sure what in the world you should be eating?

Vegetarian?      Raw?      Gluten-free?

Juice?         Dairy-free?      High protein?

Arrgghhh!!! While it’s oh-so-true that food can be good medicine–and you ARE what you eat–it’s also true that no one dietary approach is suitable for every woman.

There’s only one thing you can really count on: You have unique needs.

With a little knowledge of Ayurvedic nutrition, you can discover the details of who you are and get some pretty major clues as to what you need. You’ll see how your stage of life, the qualities of the changing seasons, and your life circumstances–all that your senses take in from your experiences and your environment–influence your needs.

The food you eat–and how you eat it–should be that which will best nourish YOU, best support and balance your own metabolism, digestion, energy, sleep, and even your emotional state. (Yes, the amazing capacity of eating to provide sensory stimulation can nourish you emotionally, too, if you choose the right foods.)

In the light of Ayurvedic understanding, there is no boilerplate diet. Many different factors should come into play when choosing a meal plan intelligently, because, in real life – everything matters!

Learn about yourself and what you need so you can…
…nourish yourself.
…eat real food.
…enjoy eating, as nature designed.

Taste is healing!

Where's Your Energy Going?