Ready to Receive Great Ayurvedic Treatment?

“14 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Book Your Ayurvedic Treatment”

As founder and director of the world renown
Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women in Kerala, India,
I’ve had a LOT of experience guiding women in choosing a good Ayurvedic center specific. I’d love to help you, too, find the place that will meet your specific needs.

Cultural and language often make finding the kind of Ayurvedic treatment you’re hoping a bit of a challenge. I understand that you want your significant investment of time, travel, money and hopes for your health and well-being to bring you a great experience and results.

You owe it to yourself to book the best Ayurvedic treatment you can find!

Women’s needs can be quite different from men’s.
Booking Ayurvedic treatment for women brings up questions up which should be answered, so  you can feel confident when you book your flight and send in your deposit.

Whether just for yourself, for you and a friend or for your small group of several women traveling together, you’ll want to know in advance what you’ll find when you get where you’re going!

If you going to India, Bali or Sri Lanka,
you’ll be entering a male-dominated culture
to be cleansed, nourished and cared for like never before
through panchakarma or other Ayurvedic treatment.

Boost your chances of a great experience
by asking some good questions–before you book.

A little detective work will help you find the Ayurveda place that’s right for you.
A place that leaves you with wonderful positive memories – and clinical results, if you want – long into your future.

For many years I’ve welcomed women from a wide variety of cultures and more than 50 countries across the globe for residential Ayurveda.

Now, it’s easy for me to share my insight with you, and help you ask the main questions
that can lead you to book a satisfying Ayurvedic experience and outcome.

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“14 Questions to Ask BEFORE
You Book Your Ayurvedic Treatment” 

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I wish you much GRACE as you go forward in your Ayurveda journey of self-discovery and healing.

Once you’re back home again after your treatment,
I’d love to hear all about your Ayurveda experience!

with care for the True You,