See Yourself Through Nature's Lens

See Yourself Through Nature's Lens

Clarity through
the Ayurvedic Perspective
RESTORE Your Unique Balance
–and Learn to Protect It

Being held back by symptoms of imbalance can be draining, defeating–even distressing.

You’re so ready to get past this and live your life!

But until you have a clear, complete understanding of the factors contributing to the dysfunction and dis-ease you’re living with, every new effort you make to get better is likely to feel like one more “shot in the dark.”

When we meet for your private consultation, I’ll observe you and ask a variety of questions to form pictures–like landscapes–of your natural state, your current state, and what’s causing the lack of coherence between the two.

As I reflect these images back to you, you’ll see how Nature’s forces and qualities are particularly affecting you, and the excesses and deficits that are issues.

Most important of all, you’ll discover how to make new choices–informed by your Ayurvedic perspective–to naturally set yourself right.

“I learned so much about myself in just one session with Niika. This clarified my understanding so much, so I’m making more effective and confident choices in all areas of my daily life. And I’m more skilled at keeping my stability when ‘life happens,’ too.”

–Anu T.

The World Health Organization recognizes Ayurveda as an internationally-valid form of medicine.

However, there is no license for clinical practice in the United States.

I do not clinically diagnose or treat.

After nearly 30 years experience helping women from all over the world replenish and revive from depletion, overcome imbalances and more, I’ve found the greatest value of Ayurvedic knowledge.

It is not in cryptic Sanskrit diagnoses or prescribed treatment plans.

The greatest value of Ayurveda–The Language of Life–is to awaken your awareness of your sensory relationship with Nature, and allow this to wisely inform your choices.

This is the way to ease, harmony, healthy balance and a fulfilling life.

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