Uncover Ayurveda’s essential, practical value – through your senses!

Get intimate with Life / Nature / Reality in the midst of daily living as you experience sensory stimulation –”sensefully”– in new ways.

Your powers of perception and observation will sharpen, your connection with Nature will deepen, and you’ll begin to recognize Nature’s forces and qualities in action–in and around you.

Finally, this 6-week course will introduce you to how experiencing different sensory qualities can affect you–and others, too.

For every Nature-lover. Especially valuable for artists, creators, curators, designers, healers, leaders, and teachers.

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COME to Our Senses

DESIGN for Balance

Experiment with taking what Nature provides on the “palette of life” to create natural beauty and holistic well-being.

Prerequisite: Trained/studied with Niika in the past or completed COME To Our Senses.

Coming January, 2023. Stay tuned!