Everyone’s Different

Yes, we’re all human. But everyone’s different, too!

Think about it. Would you feed each of these dogs the same diet?

Give them each the same exercise program?

Expect them to behave alike, and show the same capabilities?

Would you train each pup the same way?

Not if you’re smart! Real life is abundant and filled with variety. Just as different kinds of dogs have unique characteristics and needs, people have differences too!

Enter Ayurveda – with its great system of reference points to help you answer the ever-present questions: What’s are my innate characteristics? What do I really need? What’s best for me now? A fundamental principle in Ayurveda teaches we each come into this life with a unique nature. Knowing your nature is the perfect starting point for figuring out what’s best for you!

Has anyone asked you yet, ‘Hey! What’s your dosha?’
When people talk about your ‘dosha’ they’re really talking about your prakriti.
Prakriti means “nature.”

In Ayurveda, your prakriti is that unique combination of life’s three energies vata, pitta and kapha (yes – the three doshas!)–that came into play to create you from your very first moment. Your doshic dominance(s) can be seen in your body, your face, and even in your emotional and mental temperament and tendencies.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

There’s so much that unites us. So much that we share.
But everyone’s different, too–thank goodness!

with care,

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