Enjoy Healthy Holidays – Protect Your Ojas

Want a season filled with healthy holidays?
Your calendar’s teeming with travel, shopping, food, family and fun through the end of the year.

Can you land on January 1 feeling happy, healthy and satisfied–your heart filled with contentment–at the end of this holiday season? Yes – you can! If you learn to protect your ojas thru the holidays.

Grab a copy of November 2015 Yoga Journal Magazine. Open to page 77, and read up on how to protect your ojas through the weeks ahead.

Or visit the online edition, here:

It’s inspiring to see interest in Ayurveda swelling in popularity. Understanding the concept of ojas is vital to understanding Ayurveda. In fact, I might just say that the whole PURPOSE of Ayurveda is to cultivate and protect your ojas!

You’ll be hearing much more from me about ojas – what it is, why you want it and how you can increase it and keep it, so keep coming back to the ayurmama.com blog!

In the meantime, make good use of your next plane ride–like my friend, yoga and spinning instructor, Carolyn Geiger–did flying home to New Jersey from the beaches of Florida. Pick up the November issue of  Yoga Journal Magazine (international versions too, I hear), and you’ll find my quotes in GLOW from WITHIN beginning on page 77. (As always, thanks to Yoga Journal Magazine for sharing Ayurveda with readers everywhere, and to writer Valerie Latona for the interview, too!)

When you crack open the magazine to read GLOW, you’ll get a brief introduction to what ojas is all about and find my easy and pleasurable tips you can slip into your day right away. If you start learning how to protect your ojas now, you can wake on the morning of January 1st feeling healthy, happy, content and ready for the new year.

with care,

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