KNOW Your Nature • 5-week Program

1) No Guarantee
KNOW Your Nature is an experiential and educational program. No guarantee of any particular results––for you or anyone––is explicit or implied.

2) Not Medical Advice
KNOW Your Nature is NOT intended as a medical training, nor is it intended to solve any kind of physical or mental/emotional condition. If you’re suffering with a medical condition, please see your health care provider. You agree to NOT rely on what you learn in KNOW Your Nature for medical care.

3) Participation & Communication
You agree to participate in all KNOW Your Nature activities in a full and timely way. You agree to uphold values of openness, curiosity, harmony and productivity within the group by communicating with care and respect for and about all involved, as well as the topic, the content, and the expressions of others.

If during the course of KNOW Your Nature you have questions, confusion or a complaint, you agree to immediately contact us via email to to get help or answers, clear any issues, and move forward to get the full value from KNOW Your Nature.

4) Sharing your Contribution
A valuable aspect of your participation in KNOW Your Nature involves sharing your own sensory experiences, findings and insights. These will be shared with others in the program, and possibly with others outside the program, for both educational and marketing purposes.

5) Delivery of Program Content
If anything prevents timely delivery of KNOW Your Nature program content, your program time will be extended until all content is made available to you.

6) Intellectual Property
You agree to refrain from copying, teaching or sharing any of the content provided to you in KNOW Your Nature.
If you want to quote or otherwise share any KNOW Your Nature content, communications or activities, you agree to request permission in writing by emailing us at 
and allowing at least 30 days for a reply.

7) Fee, Discounts, Term & Termination
The 2018 fee for KNOW Your Nature 5-week program is $450 US. Any discount you may apply is subject to time limits and possibly other conditions. These terms and conditions begin upon your registering and paying for KNOW Your Nature (with or without a discount), and ends once all content has been delivered. Your access may be terminated if at any time you are unwilling or unable to abide by the terms and conditions stated herein.

8) Non-Refundable
Your payment for KNOW Your Nature is non-refundable.

9) Disclaimer
All Terms and Conditions noted here stand in addition to the Website Disclaimer, found here: DISCLAIMER

If you have questions please reach out to us by emailing
We’re here to help!

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