Take the pressure off your mind and let Nature heal the pain, loss of direction, energy drain and crushed confidence that can linger too long as depleting after-affects of crisis and loss. Then you can begin a beautiful new chapter, enjoying your daily experience as you move forward into your most fulfilling, positively-impactful life ever.

Disaster and loss are so alarming and upsetting, and can disrupt every area of your life. But you were designed by Nature to be dynamic, resilient and engaged in satisfying living. While most of us face terrible devastation at some point, you’re an especially wise woman to seek out how, exactly, you can revitalize and reorient after crisis, so you can rise now for a fresh cycle of living, and rely on this wisdom into your future–no matter what.

We offer effective programs based on Niika Quistgard’s Vital Revival Approach(TM) that walk you step-by-step through how to restore your sense of safety and stability, rekindle your appetite for life, replenish your energy and spirit, support your healthy daily functioning AND develop the practical skills you need to truly transform the wreckage of tragedy into triumph, and the ruins of loss into a beautiful, meaningful future you love.

Personal REVIVAL

Anna shares with Niika…

When your old life’s over but your next chapter hasn’t truly begun, you’re at a crucial crossroad.  Getting the right guidance and support will speed your progress, help you see new opportunities–and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

Don’t go this alone!

This is your best chance to deepen your stability, uncover your clarity and move forward into your rewarding, fulfilling future.

APPLY for a free Personal Clarity Session to eliminate confusion and get the clear vision you need now to step forward on your best path.

Talks, retreats, training and Vital Revival Approach (TM) certification for leaders, educators, designers, creators and healers.
Revival cycle assessment and dynamic resilience skills are essential in these times, so you can efficiently and effectively help others move powerfully, positively forward after crisis.


“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden.”


“I never expected to have a hard time with my transition into this chapter. But instead of moving forward, I was looking back, re-living all the different traumas I’ve been through. I was so stuck and unhappy.

This process showed me once and for all that my health and happiness can’t be preserved by holding on to who I used to be. I finally discovered the open door to my future, and went through! I’m moving forward in new and rewarding ways now.

Everything in me has profoundly shifted, and I attribute it all to these insights and skills, and your guidance. Niika, thank you!”

– Jo L. (Designer)