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You Need 3 Things


to grow a great future after loss…


to RECOGNIZE Your Opportunity

–even when you’re weary and hurting.
Your tough transition IS a rare opportunity
to invite your positive transformation.
(Once you see this truth, you’ll never feel lost again–no matter what!)


a Complete, Guided PATH

an intuitive, natural method you can follow with ease, customized to meet your specific needs,
with personal coaching to help you past blocks and challenges–all the way to your goal.

(MUCH more effective than going it alone.)


a Supportive ENVIRONMENT

that restores your stability, nurtures your rejuvenation, spark your vital passions
–and fuels your progress–
as you heal, grow and create the vibrant, fulfilling new life you deserve.

to LIVE into


A new, effective way to successfully navigate profound change–

POWERED by your connection with Nature.

This natural, dynamic approach will restore your peace, boost your energy, clarify your vision for your future–to ignite your best life yet!

The Vital Revival Program  helps smart, accomplished women move forward into lives they LOVE
completely overcoming the depleting, disorienting after-effects of unwanted, prolonged or complicated change and loss.

Learn EXACTLY how this can work for YOU.
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for Your

The Vital Revival Approach helps teams embrace the positives of radical change, get stable/confident/curious,
seize critical opportunity to align work with new values
and re-orient in a clear direction–together–to create a better future.


Learn EXACTLY how this can work for YOUR TEAM.
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“I never expected to have a hard time with my transition into this chapter. But instead of moving forward, I was looking back, re-living all the different traumas I’ve been through. I was so stuck and unhappy.

This process showed me once and for all that my health and happiness can’t be preserved by holding on to who I used to be. I finally discovered the open door to my future, and went through! I’m moving forward in new and rewarding ways now.

Everything in me has profoundly shifted, and I attribute it all to these insights and skills, your guidance. Niika, thank you!”

– Joanna L.

Anna shares with Niika

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves;
otherwise, we harden.”