Recognize the Forces of Nature • Doshaspotting at the Train Station

Can you recognize the forces of Nature in yourself? How about in others?
All three of Nature’s forces of life are coursing through you right now, or you wouldn’t be alive! But one or more of these three “doshas” had a stronger impact on you as you grew, from your very earliest days.
Do you know your nature? Can you see others’ natures, too?
If you love people-watching, like I do, you’re going to love how the Ayurvedic perspective dials in your focus to see that– yes, we’re all human. But WOW – how remarkable and unique each one of us truly is!

On my way into New York city to teach a course on Ayurveda, I changed trains at Newark Penn Station.

My mind was on my class material, on the tri-doshic theory of Ayurveda. My students know that each of us has all of these life energies operating in and around us at all times. But I wanted to show my students examples of how just looking around at the people around us, we can see that everyone has different natures. For every one of us, the three doshas–or bio-energies–of Ayurveda manifest in an almost endless variety, giving us each our own glorious and personal qualities.

When it comes to connecting with women and sharing Ayurveda, I’m not shy! So while waiting on the platform for my connecting train into New York city, I approached a few gorgeous women, also waiting for their train. I asked permission to take quick iPhone snapshots, explaining to each woman that she embodied certain qualities illustrating a fundamental Ayurvedic type. I’m so grateful to each of these young beauties for allowing me to share their forms–and their smiles!–with you.

Can you guess which woman’s nature best demonstrates each of the three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha?

Here are some hints:

– a vata-natured woman will have ‘bird bones,’ as my mother likes to say. A slight build, and may be shorter than average. (She could also be very much taller than average!). She may have wavy or thin, darkish hair, small dark eyes and a long face shape with dry, rough or dark skin. She may have small hands and feet. She’ll also have a quick, imaginative mind and an enthusiastic personality.

– a pitta-natured woman will have a medium, athletic build. She will likely have light-colored eyes and a rosy or reddish coloring in hair and freckles or sensitive skin. Her face will show developed bone structure, with deep-set intense, intelligent eyes, and chiseled features. She’ll also probably be great critical thinking. get revved up for competitions, ask a lot of questions and live by a plan.

– a kapha-natured woman will sport a dependable frame, with a stocky or heavier-set build. She will have smooth, thick skin – sometimes even skin that ‘glows like the moon!’ She’ll also probably be a steady as an ox, finish every project she starts, and be a calm and affectionate presence.

Life forms–humans, for instance– are captivatingly complex and endlessly fascinating to observe.
Next time you’re in a crowd, see if you can recognize the Forces of Nature in the people you see passing by.

with care,

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