It’s Time to Embrace Your


There’s a replenishing, effective way to navigate profound change–

POWERED by your connection with Nature.

Restore your peace, boost your energy, ignite your passions–and move forward into a future you LOVE!

Which of these is best for you now?


GET Support Through a Tough Transition

Private, Short-Term Coaching

Strategize your best ways to stay stable, focused and whole as you soften and flow forward, through a challenging time–if this is what you need.


ENROLL in a Unique Revival Program

Be guided through the natural stages of revival through healing, strengthening sensory experiences, vital inquiry and exploratory actions to rebuild  your sense of self–and move your life forward.

Group connection and private sessions support your every step–as you create your new life.


SUSTAIN Your Vital Growth

Keep your ‘fresh start’ momentum moving in the right direction, as your new life takes more form.

A rhythm of celebrating your wins and receiving support will ensure you can overcome ANY obstacles–while you keep your balance and your energy high!

“Niika’s ability to blend teachings with an incredible amount of empathy–while grounding the work in a very personal way–has been profoundly inspiring for me.

She quickly sensed where I’ve been and how I see things, without needing to know my whole life story, and helped me digest my whole traumatic experience in a ‘big picture’ way that’s been transforming.

She’s just gifted.”

– Diana C.

Anna shares with Niika

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves;
otherwise, we harden.”