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How’s your supply of deep vital energy? Do you have reserves?

You’re born possessing a small amount of Ojas, a special substance acting as your storehouse of vital energy.
From your first moment–it’s said in Ayurveda–your Ojas anchors and nurtures your life.
Your health and immunity. Your courage, contentment, fertility, resilience and longevity, too!

As you live your life, your Ojas is maintained, enhanced or depleted.
Your Ojas level is affected by events that happen to you,
the quality of your environment, nutrition, digestion–
even the function of your mind and senses.

The stability of your mind, mood and tissues all depend on this deep energetic reserve.
You Ojas fuels your consciousness–your self-recognition on every level–and supports your identity, immune function and confidence, too.

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