Nature creates infinite variety across our planet
in a dynamic interplay of
universal elements, forces and sensory qualities.

Before design: It’s time to marvel at, love–
and strive to know thru sustained observation–
the natural forces and cycles,
the challenges and opportunities
and innate beauty unique to each place…

Saguaro and Creosote Native Plants in Tucson, AZ


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Liquid Love: Chai Tea Recipe

Liquid Love: Chai Tea Recipe

Sipping a good cup of tea is a natural meditation, isn’t it? Time-honored in many cultures for calming your nerves and sharpening your mind, taking a few minutes to fully enjoy preparing and drinking a cup of tea allows a subtle satisfaction and relaxation to pervade your whole being. Learning to make your own fresh tea with a radiant palette…

Letting Life Decide

Letting Life Decide

Instead of deciding what it is I “need to fix” about myself or my life–instead of listing all the things I need to straighten out, improve or do away with by making resolutions–I let Life decide.

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