Nature creates infinite variety across our planet
in a dynamic interplay of
universal elements, forces and sensory qualities.

Before design: It’s time to marvel at, love–
and strive to know thru sustained observation–
the natural forces and cycles,
the challenges and opportunities
and innate beauty unique to each place…

Saguaro and Creosote Native Plants in Tucson, AZ


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4 Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals for Natural Beauty

4 Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals for Natural Beauty

Each morning across India and beyond, people offer prayers to the resplendent, full-breasted goddess Lakshmi. Adorned in a rich red silk sari with copious golden ornaments and a full head of gleaming, long dark hair, Lakshmi Devi's luminous skin, full face, and deep...

Mother of Healing

Mother of Healing

When I was ill, injured or out-of-sorts as a young girl, my mother never made me feel like a patient. She cared for me always as her daughter–who she loved, respected, and simply happened to not be feeling well. She tended to my care with a wise mix of affection, surrender, and faith in my innate ability to heal.

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